About Us

We are a North Dallas based construction company that focuses on parking lot maintenance and repairs. At NorTex Pavement Co., we have successfully delivered asphalt and concrete parking lot services to all sized clients with professionalism and extraordinary customer service.

We understand the significance of parking lots and deliver the top of the line services with high-quality performance and reliability. Our reputation and position in the market are evident in our craftsmanship, punctuality, and dedication.

A Hassle-Free and Innovative Experience.

Our goal is to meet all your parking lots repair needs by providing quality concrete and asphalt work through excellent communication, products, and services. We do what we promise and perform all parking lot repairs without having to sub out services to other contractors.

We are a full-service business providing immaculate and precision-based solutions to a diverse range of clients. Serving North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, we, at NorTex Pavement Co., specialize in offering parking lot maintenance and repairs including crack sealing, seal coating, concrete repair, asphalt pothole repair, striping, power washing, sandblasting, asphalt and concrete grinding, and trip hazard removal to all types of clients.


After serving several years of assisting multiple fortune 500 companies in managing and improving their customer experience, Troy Mott recognized an opportunity in the Pavement Construction industry as many companies struggled with communicating with their customers, dealing with and fulfilling client expectations, and delivering on their promises. Troy and his son Robert decided to start NorTex Pavement Company for parking lot striping and asphalt seal coating focusing mainly on effective communication and customer experiences.

Soon after, they were able to make a reputable place in the industry with a customer-oriented approach. Since then, NorTex Pavement Co. has grown 50-fold and expanded their services to carry out complete parking lot maintenance and repair solutions effortlessly. Their goal is to be the ultimate one-stop-parking lot repair business in Texas and Oklahoma.