Asphalt Pothole

Asphalt failures and fixing potholes are common all over America. There are many types of asphalt failures. Potholes are one of the most major concerns and are formed when water gets under the pavement and to the surface through cracks in the asphalt. The water loosens the sub-base, freezing moisture in the winters, causing frost hauls. When the frozen moisture under the asphalt thaws out and melts, you are left with nothing but avoid. The asphalt and weight of cars sink themselves into this void, causing asphalt cracking and ultimately a pothole.

Potholes tend to create serious liability issues in parking lots and roadway areas due to vehicles’ potential hazard and pedestrians. Potholes are inevitable and can form during any season. They must be repaired immediately before any severe injury or damage is caused. Patching repairs are a cost-effective way of eliminating further deterioration pavement-related headaches, damage, and liability.

Due to these prevailing concerns, it does not mean that major scopes or repaving are necessary. It is essential to repair potholes before liability issues arise and unreasonable injury occurs.  Our trial and tested techniques of patching asphalt allow you to fix these particular areas cost-effectively.

We, at NorTex Pavement Co., provide specialized asphalt pothole repair services for all clients. Our process includes using state-of-the-art technology (infrared asphalt heater and hotbox) to clean and reheat asphalt, making it possible to repair the damaged portion. We help you maintain and protect your lot by providing top-of-the-line pothole repair service when you need it. We focus on removing broken and loose pavements, followed by the addition of a liquid asphalt tack that is used for adhesion.  And then fill the pothole with the new asphalt mix.


  • Stage One – The liability, failed, or broken areas are identified as concerns that must be addressed.
  • Stage Two – These concerned areas are cut square with a saw cut or jack-hammer (by request or depending on the region) and exhumed to the aggregate surface.
  • Stage Three – Asphalt is invested at an average condensed depth of 3”.
  • Stage Four – Finally, edges are sealed with asphalt emulsion to improve bonding with the surrounding existing asphalt.

With NorTex Pavement Co.’s exemplary approach to pothole repair, we proficiently service repairs and help you maintain your parking lot before the extension of damage and add years to the life of your asphalt noticeably.