“We are an affordable solution to your problems.”

Driving on a road where you have to pass cracks and hindrances, what will be your experience? What will you wish for that? Of course, all you need trip hazard removal services. After all, it’s a matter of your city’s and driving skill’s reputation. It will solve any abrupt change of ¼ in surface’s condition or joints or cracks. Our team of qualified experts grind back 12 inches for each 1-inch height differential to create an aesthetic slope that complies with ADA (Americans with Disability Act) standards. At Nortex Pavement Co, our experienced trip hazard removal service providers strive hard in providing an incredible experience to their clients.

Trip hazards aren’t only a risky issue for drivers and those who prefer to walk on sidewalks or public walkways pose. There is a threat of severe injury to whoever steps on the sidewalks with cracks and wholes. That’s why it is necessary to remove the sidewalk trip hazards. But most of the authorities ignore this essential matter due to expensive trip hazard removal services. They always look for service providers to rent concrete grinders or recruit a sidewalk repair agency to remove and replace unlevel concrete panels at affordable prices. But many of them can’t find the best one to fulfil their requirements with the desired results. Along with this, there is an issue with the material’s quality. But it doesn’t mean that none of the authentic platforms exists in the market.

At Nortex Pavement Co, we are providing inexpensive trip hazard removal services at reasonable prices. We are specialized in eradicating uneven sidewalk’s cracks, holes, and joints. We service for the smooth surface by replacing the rough one that made walking and driving difficult. Our team of qualified constructors eradicate all possibilities of accidents and liabilities of these problematic surfaces by using the most permanent, advanced, and time-sensitive procedures.

How We Implement Our Trip Hazard Removal Services?

Usually, we remove trip hindrances by using multiple techniques. But the strategies of our trip hazard removal service based on these three techniques;

  • Complete dig out and removal of peaked concrete slabs to incorporate new concrete. It improves the surface’s appearance and falls it into the category of smooth land surfaces.
  • The trip hazard removal services at Nortex Pavement Co platform use quality and authentic material for an incredible experience. Our qualified experts use concreate grinders, scrabblers, scarifies to the level of uneven concrete. It results in a non-slip surface of the sidewalk. It also helps in creating a completely levelled surface. We also strive to make the slope ADA compliant with an overall incredible experience. We guarantee to complete this task within a minimum duration.
  • Our qualified team of trip hazard removal services repair the sidewalk by using precision concrete cutting. It helps in removing trip hindrances utterly with a perfect look of the surface. We don’t renovate the rough surface without measuring each inch of the concrete panels based on ADA compliant regulations.