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An Expert in Pressure Steam Cleaning Services

We regularly provide pressure steam cleaning services to obtain results that comply with hygiene and cleanliness standards. Depending on the nature of the surface to be cleaned and the type of material, our teams will implement a suitable protocol for you. Innovative power-washing equipment operated by experienced people guarantees an irreproachable result without damaging your installations and tools. As far as possible, we limit the interruption of your activity.

Our employees work in all types of professional or industrial environments to offer you a wide range of services at a reasonable price. Entrust us with your cleaning problems that require high-pressure power washing; we take your constraints into account to design a personalized solution that meets your expectations.

Discover the Advantages of Industrial Steam Cleaning

High pressure power washing is the best solution to get rid of encrusted dirt in your equipment and production sites. Our cleaning company is the benchmark for this type of service.

Innovative Power-washing Equipment, A Method with Multiple Advantages

Using innovative power-washing equipment is a highly effective method to get rid of oil, grease and other stubborn dirt and germs thanks to its bactericidal and fungicidal properties quickly and effectively. High pressure power washing and pressure steam cleaning act as a natural disinfectant and degreaser. It performs well on all media, from rough surfaces to textiles and plastics, including metal (including stainless steel, steel). With smart use of the innovative power-washing equipment, it is capable of reaching even places inaccessible to other devices; steam cleaning also saves water and is not harmful to users’ health.

It is commonly used in certain industrial branches, which are very demanding in terms of cleanliness while being particularly dirty. This is particularly the case for the food industry, mechanical production and automotive assembly tools, hospitals and other medical environments, hotels and restaurants, car wash centres, among others. More generally, high-pressure power washing meets the requirements of businesses and communities to find impeccable spaces and equipment and maintain their premises quickly.

A Smart Approach

The operation of innovative power-washing equipment with a roller or disc brush head always follows the same principle: the cleaning solution is prepared either by directly adding detergents to the clean water tank or, in the case of an automatic dosing system just upstream of the brush head. In combination with the rotation and contact pressure of the brush, the product loosens dirt. Then, the dirty water is picked up by the suction nozzle thanks to the suction power of the turbine and then collected in the dirty water tank. Conversely, a piece of ordinary equipment does not have a suction nozzle. The loose dirt is therefore picked up downstream.

You know the surface area of your surfaces, and you know whether they are cluttered or not. We can use the high-pressure power washing technique to clean the structure of your floors. We are here to help with pressure steam cleaning services in the best possible ways.