Roads, sidewalks, and parking lots should be well-maintained and look great. They enhance your city’s beauty. But they don’t need to remain in good condition all the time. Cities need regular seal coating services to repair damages and cracks on these road areas. Seal coating company apply seal coat over the asphalt to safeguard roads against destructive components. It is a cost-effective and efficient process as you don’t have to spend money on repairing services separately. It protects your investment from salt, ice, and sunlight and asphalt from hazardous chemicals such as oil and gas. This method does clean and sweeping much easier. Hiring seal coating services will be the wisest decision as it can extend asphalt’s life.

We at Nortex Pavement Co, our seal coating company experts, offer road construction and seal coating services in North Dallas. Parking lot’s repair and maintenance are one of the main focuses. Our regular seal coating services include delivering asphalt and concrete for seal coating to customers of all sizes with outstanding client service and professionalism.

Our skilled and experienced experts safeguard your pavement investment efficiently by providing seal coating services. They seal the parking lot by incorporating a protected layer made up of asphalt, sand, and aggregate fines. Our seal coating company offer regular services to secure the objects blocking and penetrating the road surface, including damaging chemicals, oils, UV rays, water, and sand. We use a material that gives lasting effect for proper seal coating and repair for all customers.

This seal coating company offer regular seal coating services for making surface qualitative and to protect it from crumbling, premature cracking. The orders are affordable, so you need to invest a large amount of money. We try to flourish property’s curb appeal. Various clients often confuse before finalizing the contract with service providers like so many customers asked us why they should prefer a seal coat facility? Our regular seal coat service providers get their tension away by defining the benefits of the parking lot’s seal coating services. What are those?

The asphalt parking lot is a huge investment because it needs to be well-maintained and long-lasting to extend the life span of the surface. Also, it is a requirement you can’t ignore. Regular seal coating service fixes fine particles removed from asphalt’s surface due to the sun’s oxidation. This process maintains flexibility for a long-time.

Our seal coating procedure

At Nortex Pavement Co, this seal coating company’s experts can take your project go smoothly. Our seal coating services make the process stress free from the beginning of the project to the end. We don’t start work without plan discussion and notify the scheduled areas of work to the client. We always strive to increase the visibility and quality of our project by using the best material for a seal coat. Our seal coating services include scrapping and burning off the oil spots and hard grease patches on the surface and cleaning all the mess made by our workers during the procedure.